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Pop Up Camps

When schools are closed during the week, consider bringing your children, ages 5-12, to our Pop Up Camps.  Campers will spend the day playing outside, exploring Fair Hill, making crafts and new friends! 

  • Camp is from 9:00am to 3:30pm and costs $50.00/day.

  • Early Bird camp is from 7:30am to 3:30pm and costs $70.00/day.

Camps may be cancelled due to low enrollment.

Dec. 28

Winter Wonderland

Explore the winter wonderland trail, create take home snow and slime, and other fun crafts!

Dec. 29

Noon Years Eve

Celebrate Noon Years Eve exploring the outdoor trails, enjoy "ice fishing," create eco-friendly confetti all while counting down to Noon Years Eve!

Jan. 15

Summer Bash

Summer is here early! Join us in exploring the outdoors before sticking your hands in the sand to build sandcastles, create suncatchers, and compete in boat races.

Feb. 12

Mystery Solvers: Cupid Edition

Explore the late winter trails at Fair Hill while using clues to solve the mystery of where Cupid is hiding, along with other fun activities.

Feb. 19

Engineer & Design: Lego/Barbie Edition

Spend the day brainstorming and designing your block or barbie home! Explore the late winter trails and play some of our favorite outdoor games!  Pink clothing encouraged!!!

Mar. 4

Mystery Solvers: Leprechaun Edition

Explore Fair Hill while using clues to sole the mystery of where the Leprechaun has hidden the pot of gold, along with other fun activities!

Mar. 29

Hop Into Spring

Hop into Spring as we explore Fair Hill and the various species of tadpoles, create spring crafts and enjoy fishing in the creek or pond!

April 1

Jokes on Who?

Join us for a day of laughs and hikes! Explore the early spring trails, tell knock-knock jokes, create improv comedy on the nature stage and construct a fun craft!

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