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Home School Program


During our hour-and-a-half program each month, FHNC Environmental Educators will lead students through outdoor explorations, science experiments, and student-driven, inquiry-based activities. Our programs align with curriculum based standards and enhance student learning at home.

Every Second Wednesday of the Month

Time: 2:00pm to 3:30pm

Ages: 5-13

Cost: $25/student/program, $20/sibling/program


Program Timeline

2:00-2:10:  Families Arrive At The Nature Center
2:10-2:20:  A Science Warm-Up
2:20-2:40: Science Investigation/Book/Investigation
2:40-2:50: Snack Break (provided by parents)
2:50-3:10: Habitat Exploration
3:10-3:20: Nature Journal Reflection
3:20-3:30: Wrap Up

February 14 - Adaptations

  • Meet FHNC animal ambassadors and learn about where they live in the wild and how they are adapted to survive in their habitat. 

March 13 - Insects

  • Meet FHNC amazing insects living both indoors and out! Learn about how they've adapted to survive.  Search & identify different insects throughout the preserve. 

April 10- Stream Ecosystems

  • Who really lives in our streams? Learn about macroinvertebrates that make up our waterways, and how they help our streams. Explore the life cycles of some of the smallest creatures on earth!

May 8 - Chesapeake Bay Watershed

  • Learn about the local waterways and the important role the Chesapeake Bay Watershed plays in your daily life

June 12- Soils & Fossils

  • Learn about ferns, fossils, and layers of soil as you investigate the ecosystems surrounding FHNC 

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