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Book a  Nature Center program for your students today!

Fair Hill on the Road


Outreach Programs

Looking for dynamic programming for your classroom, homeschool or church group?  Our environmental educators will come to you! 

Reach out today to customize your group's learning plan!


Outreach Program Options


HIBERNATION  During this 1 hour program, we put on a 30 minute play with your students based on our book, "A Winter's Tail."  They learn how different animals over-winter and are introduced to the concept of following instincts.  After the play, students rotate through 3 interactive stations to reinforce the topics.

Key concepts:  hibernation, migration, adaptation, instincts

BIRDS OF A FEATHER  During this 1 hour program, students learn all about the similarities and differences between ducks and chickens.  They rotate through 4 hands-on stations learning about animal structures and adaptations.  They participate in a feather experiment and play a call and response game.  The program ends with a lesson on biomimicry.

Key concepts:  adaptation, biomimicry, anatomy of chicken & duck, domestic vs. wild animals, caring for young

INSECTS  We will bring bugs, introduce insect life cycles, and play a pollinator game.  Students are challenged to build a bug while we learn about insect anatomy, and play our pheromone game (identifying and matching scents, just like bugs do).

Key concepts:  Using all our senses, insect anatomy & communication


If you have any questions including pricing inquiries, please call 410-398-4909 between 9:00am – 4:00pm, or email at least 48 hours in advance of your trip. 

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